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aqInfo LLC is a collection of full stack developers, environmental engineers, networking engineers, physicists and electrical engineers. We've developed a powerful system of low power wide area network strategies, database management, machine learning, and AI to gather data from an array of data collection nodes and their connected sensors.


See your data in real time. Check out our LiveStream feature. We deliver live machine learned push notifications to users based on their sensor network data.


SensorNet is fueled by a desire to see a smarter, healthier economical and environmentally sustainable society.


The most innovative and thoughtful end-to-end sensor network solutions team on the market.


We offer live support and help via our technical customer care team.

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Meet The Team

The Architects of the SensorNet System

Jack Press

CEO & Founder

Full Stack Developer

His interests include, IoT technology, software defined networking, low powered wide area networks, remote sensing and artificial intelligence.

Dillon Fitzgerald


Physicist &
Full Stack Developer

He spends his free time simulating particle collisions and building low powered wide area networks.

Greg Good

Tech Lead & Cofounder

Veteran Software Engineer
& Full Stack Developer

He has over 20 years of enterprise database management and web development solutions experience with multi-million dollar projects, as well as expertise in digital media and industrial design. He is now architecting SensorNet, to bring the most user friendly and innovative sensor network data analytics platform to market.

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Detroit, Michigan USA

Phone: 586-246-7156

Email: aqinfo.solutions@gmail.com